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The main television coverage of the Bad Girls Club was screened on Tuesdays at 9 p.m. (Eastern and Pacific Times), which is in contrast from previous Bad Girls Club seasons which started their program at 10 p.m. (Eastern and Pacific Times). The show was broadcast on Oxygen in the US which is the same for the Swedish Oxygen network which broadcasts the show as Stagger Flickers (Swedish for the Bad Girls Club). The episodes begin with a summary of the events of the previous episodes or events in the house. During the Oxygen Live TV recap episode, re-imagined live television experience that for the first time ever, combined social media platforms  Face book and Twitter with program content, allowing fans to submit their own opinions and comments about the show and the seven participants which were aired on television in the 10 p.m. slot. In almost every Tuesday’s episodes, Oxygen releases two re-cap episodes lasting until midnight. After a new episode has aired on Oxygen, between two and four “sneak peek” mini-episodes of the upcoming Tuesday’s show is broadcast on Oxygen’s official website for the Bad Girls Club the following day.

The House of Bad Girls Club: A southern portion of the South Beach skyline as seen from a boat on Biscayne Bay which the women from season 5 were during their three-month stay in the Bad Girls Club.

As in previous seasons of the Bad Girls Club, the women live in a mansion that Oxygen provides for them for approximately three months while being filmed by producers who follow their every move. These women must try to navigate around each others’ different personalities and lives. Mansions and styles always change with every new season. The mansion used for season 5 was a bachelor pad-style two-story building with its own entrance, security fence, and parkway, and it was on the Biscayne Bay. Inside the mansions double doors, there is a small hallway in tropical colors, with red-painted walls, a green carpet, and small potted trees. At the end of the hallway there is a pet terrarium tank with a Corn snake, given the name “Oliver” by the girls. Throughout the house, its decorating themes are bright summer colors, tropical colors, and Miami style. Since season 4, the producers have given their reality show stars a chance to express themselves with given items, however, season 5 girls were given replica  mannequins of themselves and a wipe board and marker. In the middle of the house, a large Hollywood-themed award adjacent to the stairs holds a ball that says “The World is hers”. Unique furniture, such as the provided pool table, has Barbie-like dolls on it. The house pool features a small Jacuzzi at its end similar to the one in season 4. The small pool beds feature girlie color, such as hot pink, finishes. On the second floor, the girls were given an ocean view beyond the pool outside. Their bedroom walls are either painted red or light green, and they were also given an exercise machine on the balcony, which became a smoking area for most of the girls. The modern-day kitchen tabletops were made of marble.

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