What are Auditions?

What are Auditions?

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The Audition process somewhat involves a series of auditions before a casting call section, self-possessed of individuals such as the producer, executive and choreographer. In the early stages of the process, performers often may in attendance prepared audition pieces such as monologues or songs. These audition pieces are usually videotaped, attached with resumes, and head shots and then shared with producers, directors and studio representatives. Later stages may involve groups of actors attempting material from the work under consideration in various combinations; the Casting Director considers both the talent of the individual actors and the chemistry of their combination.

Depending on the standing of the role, auditions may go out to the public at large to professional and semi-professional local actors or to specifically selected actors. In the production of film and television, a similar process is followed.

An actor may go through several casting calls before receiving a part.

Independent Casting Studios are often used for Auditions so that the castings can take place in various locations.

For some major productions, the process of selecting actors for sometimes hundreds of parts may often require specialized staff. While the last word remains with the people in artistic and production charge, a Casting Director or “CD” are in charge of most of the daily work involved in this process during pre-production. A Casting Director is sometimes assisted by a Casting Associate; productions with large numbers of extras may have their own Extras Casting Director.
The “CD” remains as a liaison between director, actors and their agents/managers and the studio/network to get the characters in the script cast. Some Casting Directors build an impressive career working on numerous Hollywood productions.

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