Talk Show Audition in Atlanta, Georgia

Mr. Ceejay’s Young Urban production is looking for 4/5 media professionals, some passionate reporters and music lovers for his Talk Show ‘Adult Versations’ in Atlanta, Georgia. He studied Writing and Creative Directing as a Film making practice at Arizona University for three years.

Talk Show Production

Talk Show Audition Info:

  1. Ceejay’s Young Urban Production is about to launch an honest talk show between urban adults.
  2. The podcast will play on every Friday.
  3. The conversation will take place on American politics, police brutality, hip-hop music, fashion trends and relationships.
  4. Candidates must have a passion for telling their own stories and showing their personalities across the globe.
  5. Candidates must have the ability to reach as many viewers as they could.
  6. The main goal of this podcast is to help everyone to remove their own stresses for a better future.
  7. The podcast team will shoot the talk show for 1 hour and 10 minutes each Friday, at Atlanta, Georgia.
  8. Candidates must have to face a phone interview and a group meeting before the final selection.

If you are a passionate candidate, then mail us with your full details to: