Music Video Audition in Tampa Bay Area

Music video Directors of ‘Move the World Productions’ are hosting an audition at Tampa Bay area. They are looking for extra roles to cast them into a Music Video.

Music Video Cast

Music Video Casting Information:

The Directors are about to cast one scene only. The actors are running out of a building, screaming all together, due to a recent shooting. Below are necessary information:

  1. The Directors need 5 male and 5 female actors.
  2. The act will be without any dialogue, screaming only.
  3. This is a non-paid role. You will find more opportunities to work in the music production area in the future.
  4. The audition will be held on Sunday, April 7, 2016 at night, for up to 2 hours approximately.
  5. The location is set in Tampa Bay area, Florida.


If you are interested in this proposal, kindly send an email introducing yourself with a clear headshot and resume in an attachment by February 1, 2016.

Move the World Productions will bear all the responsibilities. More information will be available at the audition time. Our email ID is: