Casting Call Audition for Lead Roles in ‘Ready Player One’

Warner Bros is hosting a casting call audition for lead roles in the forthcoming movie ‘Ready Player One’, based on the Ernest Cline’s thriller novel. The film focuses on an adventurous kid who is on a high-stake treasure hunt. Can you guess who the director is? The creator of Jurassic Park, Steven Spielberg.

Steven Spielberg Hosting Casting Call

Necessary Casting Call Information:

  1. The casting call audition is for talented actors nationwide. If needed, a worldwide hunt will begin soon.
  2. The producers and casting directors have opened up online audition to fill up the leading roles.
  3. They are looking for a teen actor ages between 18 to 19, a tween Chinese boy between 10 to 13 and a 20 years of old Japanese male.
  4. The movie will be starting to film this 2016 spring in the USA and the UK.

Leading Roles Info:

  1. Wade Watts: 18 to 19 years old. Must have a sense of humor and a passionate character to go through every challenge as it takes.
  2. Shoto: 10 to 13 years old Chinese boy to join with Wade in the competition. Can speak Mandarin and English fluently.
  3. Daito: 20 years old Japanese male who speaks Japanese and English fluently. He also joins with Wade in the competition.

Interested candidates can submit their application forms through this link. More instructions can be found over there.