Auditioning for a Role? What To Do During An Audition

auditioningAuditions can tend to be nerve racking, but being a talented person you can overcome this easily. In an Audition for Acting and Extras expect to see various types of people at the Audition. These people attending or holding the audition often times includes: you of course, the Audition Director, the Producer for the event, accompanied by the other members of the directing staff. Many times the director or producer invites stranger such as friends, family or even outsiders that has nothing to do with the audition. Most times it depends on what you are auditioning for, you might also see CEO’s from other industries, choreographers or musical directors. The number one important thing when doing an Audition is to show everyone respect, because you never know who is who at the audition.

Casting Calls directors are very busy and when they have an audition most times they see hundreds of people, they are human beings so these audition directors tend to be exhausted after a few hundred people. This is where proper preparation for your audition or casting calls comes in to play. As a talented person it is your job to be well prepared with all the requirements that is expected from the directors for this audition. It has an incredible effect on the producers or directors since it makes their job easier. This will increase your chances to be selected in the audition or casting call process.

Part of being prepared for the audition or casting call is to your resume and few headshots. It is always recommended to have multiple copies for the directors, producers and whoever else might be at the audition. Some producers require you to take the headshot with their camera, so make sure you are looking your best and always smiling.

When auditioning or casting for a commercial your appearance is of utmost importance. Not only will you be representing yourself but the product and company you are auditioning for. So be prepared to take numerous pictures of different profiles. Most times the director will place you in a specific position so that all the members and audience if any has a good visible view of you strutting your talents. At this time you might be asked to “slate”. Slate in the audition industry means that you’re stating your name and where you are from to the auditioning directors and producers. After you state your name or “slate”, it’s time for action or you get the green light. This is where you put on your best showcase with all the confidence you possesses has an actor or talent.

Bare in mind the producers or directors may ask various things from you depending on the script, so be prepared for anything that they might throw at you. This is often a test to see how well you adjust to different situations. There are classes that are available for these types of situations.

What to Do When Auditioning Your Lines?

When auditioning your lines it all goes back to being prepared for the particular Auditions. Always try and see if you can get a copy of the lines a few days before and practice in the mirror while preparing for your audition. If it’s not available to you prior going to the audition then you can ask the directors for ample time but not too much time where the producers have to be waiting on you to get done.

The best way to prepare is to have your cue cards or flash cards ready with the audition lines. This will come in very handy if you were to forget a line or a word. No need to worry about being on camera while doing this because you won’t be exactly in front of the camera for this audition. It is ok to read from your cards because this stage of the audition is about how well you can interpret or act the part out. You should worry about pronunciation or the tone in which you say these audition lines. A very important aspect is if you feel like you are not flowing or stuttering, it ok to ask the directors to start from the top. This type of audition is mainly when you are casting your talents for a commercial, plays, movies or TV shows. Sometimes you might in an audition you might be asked to read your lines along side another person. This person could be anyone: another candidate auditioning or even the director him or herself. The main thing is to stick to your talents and show confidence. If you receive a “call back” you might be asked to read with another actor or actress so that the directors can compare both of you. If you are not sure about anything when you are doing your audition lines is best to ask what is expected of you, where should you focus your energy, if those instructions are not given to you, always look directly at auditioners. Sometimes you will be given instructions on what tone or attitude you should use in this audition.

How to Make your Exit During an Audition?

When making your exit it goes back to “manner”, remember to say thank you to everyone around you, and all who you came across during your time auditioning. If the directing crew gave you anything that doesn’t belong to you, remember to return it promptly before leaving the audition room. If you are required to sign out make sure you do so, willingly. REMEMBER: Always keep a bright smile, and keep your Talents Shining!